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Launch of Mawng dictionary in Warruwi

19 November 2021

Warruwi Community came together at Warruwi School to celebrate the launch of the Mawng Dictionary on November 10. This dictionary has been in the making for over 50 years.
Peggy Mirwuma and Philip Ambidjambidj worked with missionary linguists Heather Hewett on the first dictionary in 1964-1979. The dictionary was printed and used as part of bilingual programs at Warruwi School 1973 - 2000.
An electronic version was created by linguist Anne Fabricius and Mawng speakers in 1990. 
Since 2002 Linguist Ruth Singer has expanded and edited the electronic dictionary with Nita Garidjalalug, Rosemary Urabadi and many others at Warruwi. 
This Dictionary published by Aboriginal Studies Press (AIATSIS), reflects all of the work undertaken up to 2020. 
Congratulations to everyone who has been involved in creating this dictionary over many years. 
This is a resource that we will use to keep Mawng a strong language.