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Minjilang is the name of the Aboriginal town on Croker Island, situated just off the Cobourg Peninsula, approximately 250km north-east of Darwin.

Situated in the luminescent Arafura Sea, Croker Island is home to abundant wildlife and flora that inhabit the beaches, wetlands, swamps and native bushland.

Approximately 300 people live on Croker Island, of whom 150 are the only speakers of the Iwaidja language. Other major languages spoken are Mawng, Kunwinjku and English.

West Arnhem Regional Council provides a range of local government services in Minjilang including road maintenance and repair, parks and gardens maintenance, sport and recreation services, access to Centrelink, community care programs and other services on behalf of government agencies.



Minjilang Crèche 

Minjilang Crèche provides a range of childcare services to children aged from 0 – 5 years. Crèche operates as a form of introduction to early childhood education and is important for children to learn the foundations before they go to preschool. Minjilang Crèche employs local Aboriginal staff.


The Crèche provides:

Full care 5 days a week for children aged 0-5 years


Operating Hours:

Monday-Friday: 8.00am to 2.00pm

To enrol your child in Crèche, please see the friendly staff at the centre or call (08) 8979 9444.

Community overview

221 (2016 Census)

240km north east of Darwin, 150km north of Jabiru, off the Arnhem Land coast.

Languages spoken:
Iwaidja, Kunwinjku and some Mawng, English.

Minjilang is the main Aboriginal settlement on Croker Island and has a school, health clinic, convenience store, community hall, and airport.

Fishing, community sports facilities and ovals, walking.

Year-round air access with FlyTiwi running a daily passenger service to Darwin; weekly barge services from Darwin for freight.

More information:
Minjilang Council Services Manager Cathy Makings, 08 8970 3501.